Smarties - Second-hand children's clothes
Call us on   01962 779 553
Opening Hours during HOLIDAYS
Smarties is open By Appointment only

Buy and sell quality second-hand clothes for children!

Smarties is a second-hand clothes shop for children, selling only the best quality nearly-new clothes. It's been established in Hampshire for nearly 25 years (Whitchurch then Chilbolton and now Easton) and is known throughout the county.

What do we sell?   Top-quality clothes for children ages 0 to 10

When are we open?   It's the school holidays! We're open by appointment only.

Where are we?   Easton, Hampshire
(m) 07743 042 753



Buying: Pay by cash or cheque and you can take on approval.

Selling: Bring in any quality clothes you would like to sell as near to the start of term as possible. We will sort through them, price them and split the profit with you 50-50. If they don't sell, you can either collect them or we will take them to a charity shop.

We also offer a sourcing service for baby equipment and children's toys.


It's Fun, Good for the Environment, Good for your cupboard space and Good for your wallet!